All Is One

Allan Taylor: vocal, guitar.
Ian Melrose: guitars, flute, tremolo guitar
Lutz Möller: piano, Hammond B3, keyboard
Barnaby Taylor: piano
Lea Morris: harmony vocals
Lucile Chaubard: violoncello
Grischka Zepf: electric bass
Hans-Jörg Maucksch: fretless bass
Sven von Samson: percussion
Beo Brockhausen: percussion, bowed psaltery, soprano saxophone

All songs written and composed by Allan Taylor except * written by Derroll Adams, ** written by Tom Paxton, *** written by Santino de Bartolo and translated by Allan.
Allan plays Martin guitars: M38, D18 custom, HD28, CEO4R and EC00028.
Arranged and produced by Allan Taylor.
Recorded by Günter Pauler.
Recording assistance from Inés Breuer.
SACD and CD Mastering by Hans-Jörg Maucksch.
Photography and cover design by Manfred Pollert (

1 Endless Highway 4:49

2 Let The Music Flow 5:26

3 All Is One 7:29

4 We Stood As One 5:34

5 I Followed Her Into The West** 4:28

6 One Last Smile 4:57

7 Plenty For The Few 4:36

8 The Sky* 8:29

9 Like A Cloud*** 3:26

10 The Best I Can 2:22


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